Olympus LS-P1 4GB Hi Res Audio Recorder Podcaster Kit with Mini Tripod, Windscreen and USB Cable - V414141SE030

OlympusSKU: OLY1564    Barcode: 4046628268671

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Get the most advanced microphones to date with the Olympus LS-P1 4GB Hi Res Audio Recorder Podcaster Kit. Their 90 degree construction provides a great stereo feel. Whats more, the high quality of their build means you'll enjoy clear sound with low noise. All of this and more is packed in a super-small body that gives you outstanding recordings from music to meetings.

Accurate recording
Enjoy the most accurate stereo sound possible without any signal deterioration thanks to the high-quality microphone amplifier. It uses an advanced amplifier circuit to suppress interference for original stereo sound audio recording from a compact device. OLYMPUS engineers have also gone even further to develop a new codec, so you have even clearer sound quality with less noise during AD/DA music conversion.

Sleek style, Pleasurable use
The powerful technology on the inside is encased in a sleek metal body on the outside making the stylishly compact LS-P1 a PCM recorder that you'll enjoy using with every press of a button, for every song or session. Because its so robust and cutting-edge, you'll want to take this pocket-sized audio recorder with you wherever you go especially also thanks to Direct USB capability for easy data storage and transfer.

Smooth sound
The LS-P1 supports linear PCM recording at rates of up to 24 bits and sampling frequencies as high as 96kHz far surpassing the 44.1kHz/16 bits of CD-quality audio. When you select this bit rate and sampling frequency, you can readily make a CD of your own recordings.

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