Olympus OM-D E-M5 MK III Compat System Camera Body Only - Black - V207090BE000

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Urban jungle, up high or on the streets, in broad daylight or with a view of the nightscape, under rainy conditions, or not. The E-M5 Mark III can handle it all. There are virtually no limits to how far you can go. The compact, lightweight size lets you break free from the chains of bulkier equipment. And take your photography to new heights made possible by the perfect design, with advanced technology and must-have functionality. In short: all you need to explore wherever and whenever you like.

Break free from the chains of bulkier equipment. The E-M5 Mark III is one of the most lightweight and compact cameras in its class to date - giving you full freedom of movement. And it has all you need to set off and live out your passion for photography or videography. Although ultra-small in size, it packs a high-level system of advanced technology and shooting features. Letting you get the amazing image quality you crave with ease

E-M5 Mark III shooting technology
To assist you in taking your photography higher, the compact and lightweight body of the E-M5 Mark III encases a powerful sensor, advanced image processor and a host of renowned Olympus engineering.

Sublime movie-making
Go from being a photographer to a videographer any time you like. The E-M5 Mark III is also ideal for making movies in clear quality, with a dynamic cinema-like feel.

Use assistants
The E-M5 Mark III is made to make life as a photographer easier. With a range of convenient features and comforts, this OM-D makes it a pleasure for you to break free and enjoy any shooting style.

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