National Geographic Metal Detector - 9010500

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For a great introduction to the world of treasure hunting, look no further than the National Geographic metal detector. Brimming with features, this amazing device allows the user to detect small metallic objects as deep as 20 cm and larger objects even deeper. A range of settings allows to search for a specific type of metal or to exclude certain materials from the search. A steady sweeping pattern as the user moves along gives excellent coverage and maximises the chances of finding buried artefacts. The unit includes a comprehensive LCD which shows the type of material found and even the depth under the surface. The Nat Geo metal detector has a waterproof coil which allows the search for objects in puddles or even shallow streams. When items are located, in addition to the LCD display, the unit gives one of three audio tones, depending on the material the object is made of. The tone changes intensity, depending on the distance the item is from the search coil. The unit includes a headphone socket to allow the user to make a search without disturbing those around him or her.

To enable extended periods of detection, the unit is mounted on an ergonomic central shaft which can be adjusted in length to suit the user. The support clasp is padded for additional comfort.

The National Geographic metal detector is designed to give many years of great service and for extra peace of mind, registering the purchase means that you have a FIVE-YEAR warranty.

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