Maplin ORB RF Remote Controlled Mains Light Bulb Socket with Remote Control - N85KA

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With the help of the Maplin ORB RFRemote Controlled Mains Light Bulb Socket, you can turn any E27 lightbulb into a remotely controlled device. Controlling the lightbulb up to 30 metres, the remote uses radio frequencies so that it does not need to be pointed at the sockets and can work through walls! With the additional dimmer feature, you can reduce lighting brightness to create a more comfortable and relaxed feel in any room. Each RF remote control has 12 channels, allowing you to control 1 or more sockets individually or all at the same time.

Specification (Transmitter)
Controls up to 12 channels
Frequency: 433.92MHz
Transmission Range: Typically 30 M (open area)
Battery: CR2032

Specification (Receiver)
230V-50Hz E27 type
Dimming Function: Support Halogen Lamp, LED, Energy Saving Lamp
Manual ON/OFF control socket power ON or OFF
Receive Range: Typically 70 M (open area)

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