LG CM4360 XBOOM Wireless Megasound Party Entertainment HiFi System - Black - CM4360.AGBRLLK

LGSKU: LG488    Barcode: 8806087479072

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Get the party started with the LG CM4360 XBOOM Wireless Megasound Party Entertainment HiFi System. Its Auto DJ feature blends each song into the next. All you need to do is plug in a USB stick and you can enjoy seamless track transition with no awkward silences keeping the party going.

Auto DJ

Automatically mix music

Perfect for parties. Auto DJ seamlessly blends each song into the next from a connected USB stick. Keep the tables turning for a great party atmosphere.

LG Remote App

Simply download the LG Bluetooth Remote App for your Smartphone to control your LG device.

TV Sound Sync

Clutter free, convenient TV connection.

Synchronise your sound and cut the clutter. Connect your compatible LG TV to your XBOOM system easily and wirelessly. This negates the need for messy wires and gives you more speaker placement options

Multi Bluetooth

Convenient connection

"Keep the tables turning by connecting up to 3 devices simultaneously*. Pair up and play out your favourite tunes, tracks and more as you stay in control of the mix.

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