Kodak PIXPRO SL10 Smart Lens WiFi 10x Zoom Video and Still images- White - CJKIR3787

KodakSKU: KOD802    Barcode: 0819900011098

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Your smart phone just got a whole lot better. Introducing the new KODAK PIXPRO SL10 Smart Lens designed to take your smart phone to new heights. Mega zoom meets mega cool. Highly portable, easy to attach and wireless for the ultimate in exhibition. Your camera photos have never looked so good.

Snap into a brand new perspective. Every day there are ample opportunities to snap and share, but our phone cameras often fall short when delivering really crisp, clear, and up close photos... until now. The KODAK SL10 Smart Lens Camera changes all that and turns your device into the next generation of cameras.

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