Franzis Build Your Own Bat Detector Kit - 4019631670137

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The Franzis Build Your Own Bat Detector Kit lets you build your own high-quality ultrasonic detector.

This kit makes finding bats simple. The board is already equipped with numerous SMD components. You only need to connect a few parts yourself and wire the circuit board with microphone, loudspeaker and the setting controls. Modern integrated circuits ensure high sensitivity and volume. You can then go on a journey of discovery.

Make the animals' ultrasonic waves audible
With the finished detector, the ultrasound calls of bats can be heard. In this way you can track these fascinating creatures in the dark.

Its not only bats, but also numerous technical devices send out ultrasound. You will be surprised by how many inaudible sources we are surrounded by.

Required: 9V battery, not included
Not suitable for children under 14 years

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